Album Impressions: SciFiMusic by Ambush Vin

Album Impressions:

SciFiMusic by Ambush Vin

The most Bang-a-langing Hip-Hop album I've heard this year.

This is a hip-hop album tailored for the offspring of the internet and Geek culture without the tactless,tackiness of the overt

“You get it,YOU GET IT”references

that a lot nerd albums seem to have 

if your a hip-hop fan you'll love it and if you’re into the nerd-core seen you'd like it even more what makes it better.

Ambush Vin is a BADMAN lyricist with his multisyllabic rhymes cutting through track upon track on this album.

The supporting artist on this album; Silence,Trice,Ish1da,Tekforce,Rhyme Artist and Alpha Riff are great too and naturally add their own pith to each track they participate in.

Modern hip-hop fans will love it and old school hip-hop fans would appreciate clever lyrical content you'll find yourself having this expression



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