Album Impressions:The PDX Broadsides-Somethings Rotten

Acoustic Nerdfolk band

The PDX Broadsides

will be releasing their new album,

Something's Rotten, on August 30th 2016, 

Interesting album, it reminds me of that classic acoustic rock that was big in the late 60s early 70s. Its supposed to be a nerd-centric album but I couldn't tell until I listen carefully to the lyrics.This is one of the rare albums in which you can listen to it without being aware of the nerd culture references, A lot of bands that have the motif of nerd culture usually fall in to the trap of filling each song with hundreds of references and in jokes which quickly gets annoying and stale but in this case The PDX Broadsides do not.

The production is clean and whoever equalized the acoustic guitar should get an award, I've never heard such a clean chorused sounding guitar which is a great delight to the ears, listen to this with headphones and your ASMR will kick in.I'm looking forward to see what these modern day Bards have in store for the future

  • Over all Great album,Great production, Great Band

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