Album Impressions:VS. by Pulled From Panels


by Pulled From Panels

VS is the 6 track album by indie nerdrock band Pulled From Panels release date: March 25, 2016.Hailing from Essex County Ontario this 3 piece gains their influence from sci-fi, comics, cartoons and the like, this album is more marvel centric with songs like old man Logan and Winter soldier.

This is a great album and with great production, whoever was involved in the producing or mastering, really wanted the consumer to wear headphones as the sound is warm and hugs your ears, as for the tracks on the album I'm getting a Tenacious DAltered Sky vibe (Altered sky is a pop rock band from the UK) with a touch of college rock.My favourtie track is VS only because its the music I hear in my head whenever I'm in any sort of competition whether be black jack, chess or Star wars Battlefront.Listen to track you'll understand ,In conclusion keep your lug holes open you'll be hearing more from Pulled From Panels VS release date: March 25, 2016.

Stop reading this and go support the band the links are at the bottom of the page. 

and for funnzies here they with a Edge of Glory (Lady Gaga cover) Acoustic below

Holly Giannoccaro - Guitar/Vocals

James Keller - Bass

Ryan Chappell - Drums

Track List:

  1. The Piano
  2. A Song For Betty
  3. Old Man Logan
  4. VS.
  5. Winter Soldier
  6. Time Flies

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