All-Star Steakhouse Review

“Perfectly cooked medium steak and when I mean perfect I mean PERFECT”

All-stars is an Americanised steak-house a 4 minute walking distance from Amsterdam Central Station, on Damrak street 32.


opening times (from 08:00 to 01:00)

with classic accommodating Amsterdam hospitality.

As I went with a four of my droogs the waitress changed a table of two into a table for five with haste.

The only thing I regret is that I didn't tip more because the service was exemplary

I ordered a rump steak(cooked medium) with chips and garlic sauce (side note the waitress asked what sauce I wanted and I told her to pick one) and a bottle of water.



It was amazing, it was terrific, stupendous it was the first time that I have ordered a medium steak that was actually medium. Anytime I order a medium steak it either comes out medium rare or just under well done so BONUS POINTS.

The waitress's were banging, very friendly and attentive even though we took a while to order our food. After we finished our food my droogs and I were talking and the banging waitress came over to check if we wanted anymore food or drinks and as she was gesturing she spilt my bottle of water over the table however before I could say anything she quickly and immediately cleaned up the water and brought me another full bottle of water. BONUS POINTS 

Damrak 32
1012 LK, Amsterdam

Tel: 020-6246121
Fax: 020-4288114

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