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Once again Gorillaz are doing what they do best, being unique,multifaceted

and banging!!! HUMANZ

2-D (Vocals/Keys), Murdoc Niccals (Bass Guitar),Russel Hobbs (Percussion) and Noodle (Lead Guitar) are back on point and with perfect form.Their new album HUMANZ comes in a couple formats there are14 tracks on the regular edition, with five more on the deluxe. A Super Deluxe Vinyl Box Set will also contain each of the 14 regular edition tracks on its own piece of vinyl, backed by an alternate version.

from a industry where big fish,copy-cat and bland artists/bands get pushed to the front over unique and different sounds, Gorillaz once again burst out of the ocean like Godzilla breathing their atomic breath of Electro, House, Hip-hop and HARD beats.

A visual representation of how AMAZING this album is

According to a press release, the album was recorded in London, Paris, New York, Chicago, and Jamaica and produced by Gorillaz, Pusha T/John Legend collaborator the Twilite Tone of D /\ P, and Remi Kabaka.A staple of Gorillaz is the amazing collaborations De La Soul, Mavis Staples & Pusha T,Grace Jones and many many more.


Side note

one of my favourite things that Gorillaz does best is collaborations.

Get an artist to put their own take on a track not just appear as a cameo, its so lame when you see random artist cameo on track

Grab the album


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