I XOX U - Official Music Video by Meri Amber

Here's some background information from
Meri Amber (the Sydney based Geek Pop singer and songwriter):-

The song was written after having a chat with a visual artist friend of mine who was incorporating emojis into the presentation of his art. We were being silly and brainstorming crazy ideas for songs when I blurted out 'I should write a song out of emojis'. He then, of course, dared me to do it and I took the dare on.

The song was written on my phone at the same time it was written in the notepad I tend to write songs in. It was a very different process to usual. I wanted to make sure that there was an actual story in the song and it wasn't just a random set of emojis. If you look through the lyrics or listen carefully you'll be able to make out the story and the desperation in which it's trying to be communicated.

The video was something quite conceptual which I saw as the main take-home message from the song. The fact that emojis are simply another means in which people are trying to get their message across and understood. For example a smiley face of a sad face at the end of a txt message can completely change it's meaning and can be used to help clarify things a little:

'How are you feeling?'
'Ok :)'

'How are you feeling?'
'Ok :('

But, the sad reality is that even with emojis, your message is not necessarily going to be clearly understood. There isn't a direct exchange between you and the other person (like face to face communication gives you). The message is a sort of midway thing that distorts what you're saying and the 'you' somewhat disappears in it. That's why in the video I fade out behind the messages as they appear and slowly fade to white throughout the song as my message gets more and more distorted in the reader's mind.

I'm going to be releasing more songs and videos soon that could be grouped with 'I XOX U' in an 'Emoji Love' set as I've been really happy with the response I'm getting from 'I XOX U'. The other songs are not going to be songs about emojis, but they will be songs focused on the difficulties of communication, misunderstandings that arise from it and finding a way to make sense of things when our mind interprets messages in a different way to how they were supposed to be read.
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