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All-Star Steakhouse Review

“Perfectly cooked medium steak and when I mean perfect I mean PERFECT”

All-stars is an Americanised steak-house a 4 minute walking distance from Amsterdam Central Station, on Damrak street 32.


opening times (from 08:00 to 01:00)

with classic accommodating Amsterdam hospitality.

As I went with a four of my droogs the waitress changed a table of two into a table for five with haste.

The only thing I regret is that I didn't tip more because the service was exemplary

I ordered a rump steak(cooked medium) with chips and garlic sauce (side note the waitress asked what sauce I wanted and I told her to pick one) and a bottle of water.



It was amazing, it was terrific, stupendous it was the first time that I have ordered a medium steak that was actually medium. Anytime I order a medium steak it either comes out medium rare or just under well done so BONUS POINTS.

The waitress's were banging, very friendly and attentive even though we took a while to order our food. After we finished our food my droogs and I were talking and the banging waitress came over to check if we wanted anymore food or drinks and as she was gesturing she spilt my bottle of water over the table however before I could say anything she quickly and immediately cleaned up the water and brought me another full bottle of water. BONUS POINTS 

Damrak 32
1012 LK, Amsterdam

Tel: 020-6246121
Fax: 020-4288114

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Mediasuspects Goes to AMSTERDAM!!!!!!

Beautiful Amsterdam

One day one of my mates said

"You wanna go Amsterdam for 3 nights in 2 weeks?"

And I was like


Thus, our perilous journey commenced,

At the break of dawn we caravanned for miles, the streets were cold and silence and our long arduous quest even took us by air but in the end my band of companions and I made it to Mordor Amsterdam unscathed

(40-minute cab ride and 50-minute flight)

This was my first time to the great city of Amsterdam and I have to say it is the most mellow and friendliest city on the planet.

(I have not idea what this thing is? but it looks cool)

I would recommend anyone to go and visit Amsterdam

look at this and this is just the train station

Amsterdam Central Station

For the stoners its heaven

For the Artsy types, it is a hotbed of culture and art that you would not understand

For everyone else it’s a place where the people are friendly theirs local food around every corner and not full of franchised/unhealthy foods

And you will eat a lot if you go there trust me. I have never seen a city this jam packed with different restaurants in my whole life

Chinese, Indian,Indonesian,Italian,Japanese,Lebanese,Mexican,Scandinavian,Thai,Vietnamese,English,Irish,American,Jamaican,Dutch

And because of the immense competition or just the friendly nature of the people of Amsterdam every time you enter a restaurant they make you feel like Don Fanucci

his from The Godfather part 2 AMAZING film by the way

(Don Fanucci above)

There are over 300 different types of restaurants in this glorious city each with their own personalities.

If your a fan of the herb there are a shit load of "coffee shops", not to be confused with cafés coffee Shops in Amsterdam are basically places where you can legally smoke weed and since the 1970s, when the Dutch government made a clear distinction in the law between 'hard' and 'soft' drugs. Unlike Amsterdam's fully legal smart shops, Amsterdam coffee shops have always existed in a legal grey area.

And last but not least

The Red Light District

Brothels, sex shops, museums and prostitutes of all shapes, sizes and colours  the Amsterdam Red Light District you've probably heard stories and rumour but after seeing it for myself

everything you will have heard is probably true,

but to really put rumours to rest, you have got to check it out for yourself.

the world-famous district is commonly known as the Red Light District, because of the red lights that hang in the prostitutes’ windows.


I think I have found the place where I want to retire

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