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INSIDE: Gaming as an artform

After completing Playdead's:Inside 

it is conclusive that Playdead's:Inside is an argument in favor of video-games being no only an art but a unique and engaging way of telling a story which suppress movies at this point.

If you have played their previous game Limbo you'll recognize some elements here and there however the story is a lot more engaging which says a lot considering how amazing Limbo was.I am desperately waiting for what other games they come up with as they are clearly broadening the beam in the art form know as video games.  

Playdead's:inside is an independent puzzle-platformed psychological thriller adventure video game developed and published by Playdead. available on Xbox one & on steam.

This is a Prime game. In a world where movies are looking all the same with boring stories and flat characters games like this are proof that there are still creators out there that are value unique story and are willing to try something different.

Gamers and non-gamers alike will be completely sucked in by its unique artistic style with its sudo-monochrome back grounds and its subtle use of light, a beautiful looking game.

The story follows you a young boy in a red shirt running through the forest being hunted or chased or trying to escape from somewhere, away from someone. For the player the story is left ambiguous which would leave you wanted to discuss with why,how,want and when with your friends.

A fresh mixture of platforming and puzzles with elements of stealth peppered throughout the game.They have a clever use of implementing puzzles that don't bang you over the head and distract you from the story, in addition to this they're not too simple either.This is they way puzzles in video games  should be done, the reason for having a puzzle shouldn't just be to open a door or to collected 10 random items for someone it should have something attached to it or it would end up feeling stale and repetitive. 

  • Controls are tight and simple with no distracting gimmicks that detach from the story.
  • Story is interesting and engaging even my cat sat and watched me play.
  • incredible art style 
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Beautiful digital Portraits by artist Irakli Nadar

Beautiful digital Portraits

by artist

Irakli Nadar

Portrait of Marina Nery by Nad4r on DeviantArt

Candy Girl by Nad4r on DeviantArt

Good Karma by Nad4r on DeviantArt

Princess Mononoke by Nad4r on DeviantArt

You can find more by clicking the links below

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The BEST Life Is Strange FANART

Developer:Dontnod Entertainment

Publisher:Square Enix

Available on: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360

Life Is Strange is an beautifully written episodic interactive drama  video game developed by Dontnod Entertainment, and published by Square Enix.

Here's some fan art I found for this amazing game:

by SketchingSands

byKuvshinov Ilya

by goblinbladez

by emmav

by Sutexii

by Withoutafuss

by Myed89

by Drawmonsterdraw

by Shunkaku

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Amazing True Dectective Art

Since news has been revealed about the 2nd season of the award winning, critically acclaimed,

amazing show True Detective is set to premiere on June 21, 2015

here are some tribute art to the worlds greatest show

Art by shwedoff

art by Joshua Budich And Spoke Art

by Olga-Tereshenko

For sale here

by MessyPandas

By Johna Mor:

By p1xer:

By calamityele:

By Clay Rodery:

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Mass Effect + Dragon Age=AWESOME

This is what happens when you combined my two favourite franchises

Mass effect & Dragon Age

Artist Andrew Ryan as he is known on deviant art has created mini master pieces by combining Biowares two hit video game franchises Mass Effect & Dragon age dubbed “Dragon Effect”

With the neo space odyssey look of mass effect with a to Tolkien esque

Dragon age style gives the characters a unique look these seem like they would be cool Easter eggs in future games  

Andrew Ryan you are the man

Check them out:


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My Interview with the AMAZING artist and cosplayer Skirtz

Where did you grow up?
"I was born in Portland, OR- spent the first 6 years of this weird life thing there- then shuffled over to North Idaho (after a terrifying stop in Hermiston, OR for a half of a year). Anyway- I've been in the Coeur d'Alene area since then (excluding my college adventures)."
One of the Cosplays your known for is princess peach how long did it take you to make its super detailed.
"I've been through trials with that one- it was first loosely based on a Rococo theme, and had fancy brocade and what have you- that was my first run in it- the wig drooping sadly in those earlier years- second run I had mastered my wig flips and got a poofier backside.  Now I have a different dress- simpler yet bigger- based on her Brawl Dress. Made by a friend wanting to be Daisy with me. I've been working with that one for a while now- fixing it up when need be, the broach getting a face lift every year- and I'm two petticoats in with this thing, so- it's heavy and awkward, and bathrooms are my most feared enemy during con time."
what or who has been the biggest influence?
"Honestly, the internet has been a pathway to many talented and inspiring artists of all trades. Cosplay was one I discovered from surfing around, and planting my roots into DeviantArt for the last 7 years has opened the door to keeping up with these individuals and being able to communicate with them. I wouldn't have any inspiration or ambition to cosplay (or have learned to sharpen my cosplaying skills) without being able to see what everybody else is up to/how they do things- it's a very inspiring community."
How did you get into art and cosplays?
"Again, with cosplay, it was honestly seeing people online and overall getting really intrigued by what I was seeing- then it was a matter of finding a big con to go to- and the rest is just history. Though, art- that's more vague, I've been at that as far back as I can remember. It's just always been something I've done. A defining part in my life, if I could chose any one thing."
what was the longest time you spend making one of your cosplay outfits?
"Strangely, the thought to prepare is always kicking in the day after a con ends and I begin the 'wait.' Though, due to the slipping of time and all-out laziness I tend to get things done a week or two before a convention. Sleepless nights with roommates and screaming sewing machines were not uncommon come spring time. It was as if a tornado had blown through the apartment."
What genre of music are you into? anything specific band/artist you've been into these days
AAAAAA"I call myself a dirty hipster woodsman. I love music that makes me feel like growing a man-beard, donning thick flannels and running into the woods. With some Starbucks in hand. Honestly, I listen to just about everything (always a different mood for a specific genre) but when I pick out my favorites, it's easily Fleet Foxes, Yeasayer, Kishi Bashi, Romana Falls, Grizzly Bear, Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club- the list goes on. Though, when I'm feeling funky and new-agey, you can't go wrong with Bonobo."
If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would say to them?
"I think I'd go with either Leslie Nielson or Mel Brooks- honestly, those guys shaped my entire cinematic childhood and I have always looked up to them as comic Gods. I know each and every line to almost every single one of their movies- I ADORE those two. That breed of comedy they created in their films is a fading gem. I'm so heart broken about Leslie :( I had always wanted to meet him!"
What does your future hold?and projects you're working on?
"My future is a mystery! I'm playing it day by day and am usually just confused and paranoid about everything! Things have been so chaotic and nonsensical that I tossed aside any hard plans. Though, finding projects is one thing I've been sorting out- I have a handful of things going on, not sure if any of it will pan out- All art related- though I suppose it never hurts to give it a go. At this exact moment, I feel trapped in my mid-20's with no idea what's going on anymore- but I better not jinx it- I'll wake up 30 in no time. Surreal, man. Life is strange. What is this."
Where can we find you do you have a facebook,youtube etc?
Golly, I've got a few frequent stops on here. You can Always find me on my DeviantArt,, as well as my facebook fanpage,
My other, less occupied places-

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