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BIG BOOBS gets you a BIG Discount

The company's adverts showed a line-up of cartoon women in their underwear with the slogan "The whole city is looking for BREASTS".

According to the Qianjiang Evening Post, for some strange reason local people are complaining  after seeing posters advertising discounts for the Trendy Shrimp restaurant at a mall in Hangzhou, 

the restaurant has come under heavy fire because of their controversial advertisements offering discounts to women based on bra size.... seriously lol

I'd throw on a wig with a couple of melons to get 65% discount 

 An A-cup patron scores a 5% discount, while a lady's blessed with G-cups receives a titty-lating 65% discount... so if you're hungry and in the area, ladys you better start stuffing those bras could never get away with this over here..every social group would come after you...if it was open round it it would of closed down in a week.

is this offensive or just good marketing? 

The posters first appeared on 1st August but they've been taken down...Trendy Shrimp general manager Lan Shenggang defended the special offer by saying

"Once the promotion started, customer numbers rose by about 20%," he said, adding that "some of the girls we met were very proud - they had nothing to hide".

He also mentioned that customers could claim their discounts from the waitresses rather than dealing with male staff, in order to "avoid embarrassment".

Girls with big boobs already get it easy and now they get discounts...if it was owned by a chick do you think there would get as much flack as they are getting now?

Just some harmless funny a tough market out there


a disgusting example of chauvinistic sexism against women


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The Best Carribbean Food I Have EVER had

The BEST Caribbean food I ever had

In the style of Alex Delarge from a clockwork orange 

Gather round my pedigree chums,

as I describe to you the most heavenly Caribbean delights,

On the night of the ninth me and my droog were partaking a little bit of the devils lettuce.

As we floated amongst the clouds the purple haze peaked and so did our appetite.

As we were already indulging in a small smoky part of the Caribbean culture so we thought why not add some provender into the mix.

Using the just eat app we found a vendor that delivered

BIG Mikes Calypso Kitchen

oh and did we make a grand order...

Oxtail & Butter Bean Meal with rice and peas

Jerk Pork with rice and peas

Big Mac and Cheese


Three enormous festivals

for each of us with a little coleslaw on the side 


After an passable delivery time I heard the resounding hail of my door bell,

finally dinner awaits

I meandered to the door in my altered state as my droog was still high in the clouds and I was greeted by a very judicious delivery driver that alone gave me reason to rate this place 5 stars and they really earned my pretty polly.

Our plates were stack high this was no mounch this was a meal of kings.

There was not a shred grahzny fat on the Jerk pork only tender meat tickled my pallet.

the Oxtail was cooked to perfectly almost falling off the bone and the Big Mac and cheese really was big it was so bolshy my stomach almost burst and last but no least those Festivals those golden brown bolshy boulders cooked to perfection smelling like vanilla and with the colour of oak.

it was


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