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Album Impressions: Fandomtape Vol. 1 by Ambush Vin

Fandom Tape VOL:1

Fandom Tape Vol:1 is the latest Nerdcore hip-hop album by artist Ambush Vin ...Personally, I prefer the term Nerdhop but hey ho...if you have the same feelings I do about the current state of the hip-hop genre, and think it only focuses on likes and shares instead of beat and rhymes then this is the album for you.


Fandom Tape VOL:1 uses Comic,video-games and all sorts of 'nerd' related themes as an allegory for the artist Ambush Vin growing up in an urban environment and growing musically.

You can definitely hear this in the first track Power Man.

First appearance of the comic book character Power-man 

If you are a fan of TRUE Hip-hop, and like a little nerd variety then pick this mix-tape up its set for release 8th of December 2017. 

Another thing you'll definitely pick up on listening to Fandom Tape VOL:1 is the excellent lyricism, as a hip-hop fan I've become sick and tired of this trend of 'Mumble Rap'. Mumble rap is the style where you sound end up sounding like your drunk trying to remember a song for karaoke,

With the wave of crappy hip-hop that has been crashing on the industry shores it is great to see that there are still some big fish out there KILLING IT.

I highly recommend this album especially when you're banging it out in the gym


FandomTape Vol. I Track Listing

  1. Power Man
  2. Apokolips
  3. Illusion
  4. Why Cosplay?
  5. Sci-Fi Music
  6. Rogue Squad feat The Abnormal
  7. Secret Wars
  8. Sun Tzu feat Redd Digg
  9. Zoned
  10. Rollplay
  11. The Bad GuyFinal Arcade
  12. Darkside feat. Tony Terantino (Bonus)

You wanna hear more from Ambush Vin then follow the link here.

This mix-tape is set for an independent release on December 8th, 2017

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Album Impressions: SciFiMusic by Ambush Vin

Album Impressions:

SciFiMusic by Ambush Vin

The most Bang-a-langing Hip-Hop album I've heard this year.

This is a hip-hop album tailored for the offspring of the internet and Geek culture without the tactless,tackiness of the overt

“You get it,YOU GET IT”references

that a lot nerd albums seem to have 

if your a hip-hop fan you'll love it and if you’re into the nerd-core seen you'd like it even more what makes it better.

Ambush Vin is a BADMAN lyricist with his multisyllabic rhymes cutting through track upon track on this album.

The supporting artist on this album; Silence,Trice,Ish1da,Tekforce,Rhyme Artist and Alpha Riff are great too and naturally add their own pith to each track they participate in.

Modern hip-hop fans will love it and old school hip-hop fans would appreciate clever lyrical content you'll find yourself having this expression



E-Book Preview:






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Beyond Eyes video game review

Beyond Eyes

video game review

Available right now

    Genres: Adventure game

    on Xbox One, PC, Mac & Linux

    A very unique and artistic game with a very simple story which makes this game even more enjoyable

    In Beyond Eyes you play a a young girl called Rae who after an accident has become blind and becomes friends with a cat she calls Nani.One day Nani disappears and Rae decides to look for her best friend through an unfamiliar world, revealing it through touch, scent and sound.

    The visuals give a great representation of not being able to see which is kinda of a oxymoron I know but if you play it you'll know what I mean.Took me a day to complete and it was very satisfying at the end I was like

    “AWWWWWW” (^_^)

    Unfortunately if I hear a cat meow I find myself thinking “Nani is that you!!!”

    The game focuses on exploration through a linear path,and only as you move forward does the world reveal itself turning from a blank white screen to bits and pieces of an environment based on what Rae hears,smells and feels.


    one of the main things is that its unique in its story telling its gameplay and its visuals.

    And lets be honest the video game industry is desperately in need of new ideas, and it seems like a lot of the gaming industry is focusing on the hardware rather than the software that sell the consoles in the first place!, but that's a rant for another time.

    Id definitely recommend this as a buy

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