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The End of the F**king World Trailer and Release Date

BRAND NEW series based on the graphic novel by Charles Forsman is killing its way on to Netflix

A unique take on a classic love story involving a sociopathic killer 

The End of the F**king World is about a couple of troubled teenagers get into twisted adventures as they run away from home.

The End of the F**cking World Release Date: January 5th on Netflix.

It stars Alex Lawther, who you'll know from Black Mirror season 3 in an episode titled Shut Up and Dance

That was a creepy episode, a cool little connection, the same episode of Black mirror stars Jerome Flynn who also plays the ULTIMATE man's man of Westeros Bronn in Game Of Thrones

Bronn what a LEGEND 

Guess who else is in this The End of the F**king World Gemma Whelan who plays my favourite character in Westeros Yara Greyjoy

Yara Greyjoy

  & Jessica Barden (The Lobster still on my watch list). The series premièred in October on Channel 4 in the UK.

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LOOKS LIKE MARTY MCFLY GOT AN UPGRADE...You have to admit they look pretty cool..high tech innovation from  French–based company Digitsole.Using a crowd funding site Digitsole has raised $50,000 USD Kickstarter goal, and with that hefty bag of money they have created the most high tech,smart shoe ever.

Whats a SMART SHOE? you ask so let me break it down for you kids. Now this is a straight quote from their kickstarter

Leveraging Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, Digitsole collects precisely accurate activity data through integrated hardware that is sent to your iOS or Android smartphone app for analysis.  

  • THE ENGINE - Located at the back of the shoe, the engine allows the auto-tightening system to function. 
  • TRACKING SYSTEM - By using the latest generation tracking system, we can collect data more accurately than any other wearable. 
  • MOVEMENT SENSORS - To get a complete analysis of your stride, movement sensors detect impact force, fatigue, posture, step size, and more. 
  • ALGORITHMS - By working alongside podiatrists, we've created algorithms that use your data to give a full report on your walking habits. 
  • HEATING - A heat-pad transforms energy from the battery into heat and can be controlled through our app. 
  • THE APP - Simply connect your smartphone and Smartshoe using Bluetooth control all feature via the Digitsole app.


There's no price yet but they looking to drop these buy Digisole are planning on launching these at the end of the year and another bonus is that each shoe incorporates an individually rechargeable long-life lithium polymer battery – with an expected battery life of between five hours (heat on) and eight weeks (heat off) which is pretty good, since that was my first thought.

The only problem i have is the Smartshoe logo on the toe...that just kills the design kinda makes it look kinda kids shoes or those shoes that have the wheels on the heels... i cant remember what their called you know what i mean heelys or something if that wasn't there id be all in since they look like what I already wear now.

They like Tony Stark Jordans

Click HERE to have a look at the kick starter 

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Wreck The System-Nerdcore with a Hip-hop groove

If you're a hip-hop fan and looking for something different instead of the mundane materialist vibe most hip-hop artist are churning out check out 


The taking the Nerdcore genre to new places you haven't seen before.They mix the classic Nerdcore motifs with old and new school hip-hop beats.Wreck The System are a coalition of different artists with the main features being:

Lady J


DJ Mutiny

Osiris Green

Twill Distilled

The artists have performed at MAGfest and are constantly on the move.Follow them subscribe to them these guys you'll be hearing more from really soon as they take over the internet with their new style of hip-hop.

Do The Roar - Osiris Green ft. Mega Ran, Twill Distilled, LadyJ (Official Video)

Their talents doesn't end with just hip hop they are also in the realm of music production with WRECK THE SYSTEM RECORDINGS offering services like recording mixing and mastering with high end equipment.I managed to get an interview with these guys.

  • Where are you guys from?

"Washington, DC Area"

  • What drew you guys towards this genre?

Twill - All the hot cosplay bitches, YTCracker, and hacker music.
LadyJ - The Crossover appeal of the culture that can be shared with the entire world
Cam3 - The fact that it is music about me.
DJ Mutiny - LadyJ
* Osiris Green - The creativity and limitless potential of the art. 

  • How long have you been making music together?

"9 Months or 3 trimesters, we just about to pop!"

  • Who are your influences?

"The Millionaires, Eminem, The Alchemist, Tech N9ne, Boyz Noise"

  • Top artists you are fans of?

"Ludacris, Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, Die Antwoord, Outkast"

  • What is the future of Wreck The System?

"What we do every night Pinky, try to take over the WORLD!"

  • What do you guys do for fun?

"Drink, Video Games, make music, headshots, cooking, IRC, and imitating each other sarcastically."

  • There seems to be a divide in the hip-hop community on the current state of modern hiphop some say its sounds stale,generic on the other hand there are a lot more new artists and groups on the up and up and breaking into the mainstream more than ever what do you guys think?

"Mainstream hip-hop has become stagnant in it’s creativity, which on a positive note has forced people to look outside of the regular outlets to find talented artists that have genuine skills Thus beginning to bring these individuals to the forefront, which will eventually help hip-hop to progress in better direction."

  • What project are you most proud of?

TOKENS(Featured Below)

  • Where can we find your work? (facebook,twitter,etc)

"Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud, Itunes, Youtube"

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hmm strange I dont remember Paddington having some sort of brain injury?

i wonder why he's acting like that.

i thought he was just a loveable londoner who loved marmalade 

oh well another childhood memory down the toilet.

But really i should save my judgements till i actually see it.

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My Interview with the AMAZING artist and cosplayer Skirtz

Where did you grow up?
"I was born in Portland, OR- spent the first 6 years of this weird life thing there- then shuffled over to North Idaho (after a terrifying stop in Hermiston, OR for a half of a year). Anyway- I've been in the Coeur d'Alene area since then (excluding my college adventures)."
One of the Cosplays your known for is princess peach how long did it take you to make its super detailed.
"I've been through trials with that one- it was first loosely based on a Rococo theme, and had fancy brocade and what have you- that was my first run in it- the wig drooping sadly in those earlier years- second run I had mastered my wig flips and got a poofier backside.  Now I have a different dress- simpler yet bigger- based on her Brawl Dress. Made by a friend wanting to be Daisy with me. I've been working with that one for a while now- fixing it up when need be, the broach getting a face lift every year- and I'm two petticoats in with this thing, so- it's heavy and awkward, and bathrooms are my most feared enemy during con time."
what or who has been the biggest influence?
"Honestly, the internet has been a pathway to many talented and inspiring artists of all trades. Cosplay was one I discovered from surfing around, and planting my roots into DeviantArt for the last 7 years has opened the door to keeping up with these individuals and being able to communicate with them. I wouldn't have any inspiration or ambition to cosplay (or have learned to sharpen my cosplaying skills) without being able to see what everybody else is up to/how they do things- it's a very inspiring community."
How did you get into art and cosplays?
"Again, with cosplay, it was honestly seeing people online and overall getting really intrigued by what I was seeing- then it was a matter of finding a big con to go to- and the rest is just history. Though, art- that's more vague, I've been at that as far back as I can remember. It's just always been something I've done. A defining part in my life, if I could chose any one thing."
what was the longest time you spend making one of your cosplay outfits?
"Strangely, the thought to prepare is always kicking in the day after a con ends and I begin the 'wait.' Though, due to the slipping of time and all-out laziness I tend to get things done a week or two before a convention. Sleepless nights with roommates and screaming sewing machines were not uncommon come spring time. It was as if a tornado had blown through the apartment."
What genre of music are you into? anything specific band/artist you've been into these days
AAAAAA"I call myself a dirty hipster woodsman. I love music that makes me feel like growing a man-beard, donning thick flannels and running into the woods. With some Starbucks in hand. Honestly, I listen to just about everything (always a different mood for a specific genre) but when I pick out my favorites, it's easily Fleet Foxes, Yeasayer, Kishi Bashi, Romana Falls, Grizzly Bear, Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club- the list goes on. Though, when I'm feeling funky and new-agey, you can't go wrong with Bonobo."
If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would say to them?
"I think I'd go with either Leslie Nielson or Mel Brooks- honestly, those guys shaped my entire cinematic childhood and I have always looked up to them as comic Gods. I know each and every line to almost every single one of their movies- I ADORE those two. That breed of comedy they created in their films is a fading gem. I'm so heart broken about Leslie :( I had always wanted to meet him!"
What does your future hold?and projects you're working on?
"My future is a mystery! I'm playing it day by day and am usually just confused and paranoid about everything! Things have been so chaotic and nonsensical that I tossed aside any hard plans. Though, finding projects is one thing I've been sorting out- I have a handful of things going on, not sure if any of it will pan out- All art related- though I suppose it never hurts to give it a go. At this exact moment, I feel trapped in my mid-20's with no idea what's going on anymore- but I better not jinx it- I'll wake up 30 in no time. Surreal, man. Life is strange. What is this."
Where can we find you do you have a facebook,youtube etc?
Golly, I've got a few frequent stops on here. You can Always find me on my DeviantArt,, as well as my facebook fanpage,
My other, less occupied places-

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My Interview with muscial duo The DoubleClicks

There are many musical acts on the interweb but none as unique or talented as the nerd folk duo The DoubleClicks

Where are you two from?

"We live in beautiful Portland, Oregon - a wonderful city for geekery and art. We spend a lot of time in Seattle as well - and we're often touring and on the road."

How did you two meet each other & how long have you been making music together?

"Aubrey and I met at a hospital. Crazy story, really… we're sisters. Ok, so that's not so crazy. We've been making music together for most of our lives, but we didn't start songwriting and playing together on our own until 2009. We started writing our own music, combining my strange humorous poetry with Aubrey's musical mind and cello playing. We played our songs at songwriter open mic nights in Portland, and then, through Twitter and YouTube, met up with awesome musicians with big nerdy audiences. The Doubleclicks was officially formed in the very beginning of 2011. And the rest, as they say - is history, heavily documented on the Internet."

What genre of music are you into? anything specific band/artist you've been into these days.

"We like lots of types of music: we listened to a lot of bluegrass and rock growing up. Our favorite music in high school came from They Might Be Giants and Tom Lehrer. We obviously love Jonathan Coulton, and Marian Call and Molly Lewis are brilliant songwriters and incredible inspirations. The song "A Little Bit of Everything" by Dawes has also been impressing us incredibly of late. The types of songs that impress us tell interesting stories and clever lyrical choices."

What songs are you most proud of and why?

"It's hard to choose between our own songs! We are always fond of the newest songs, because we feel like we keep getting better at what we do—there are several on upcoming album we're very excited about. A couple good "intro" songs for people who are new to our band are Clever Girl/"Hollywood Raptor"( and Oh, Mr. Darcy ("

What do you do to relax when you're not writing of performing?

"We both love gaming, both in board games and in tabletop RPGs. Aubrey has been playing lots of Shadowrun recently, and we also are loving Smash Up and Lords of Waterdeep in the board game world. Like most people these days, we also like watching lots of things on Netflix, and hanging around outside during Portland's few days of sunshine."

When & where are you performing next?

We are launching our summer tour at the end of May, and we'll be driving all around the country. We'll be starting at Denver Comic-Con, and heading to the south, East Coast, and Midwest.Anyone interested can find more information at

Seven albums and you're on tour whats next for The Doubleclicks?

"We actually only have 2 real "albums," though we have several EPs, and a lot of music from songwriting challenges. In 2011, we posted one new song every week for 6 months, and in 2012 we posted new songs monthly as part of Fred's Song Fu 2012 challenge.As for what's next, we've just finished recording on our next album, which will be released in July. Unlike our previous albums, this one will include a full band - including drums and electric guitar! We're very excited about the new directions we're taking. We had a lot of fun writing and arranging the music."

What fictional character would you wanna with hangout at a bar?

"Willow, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She's awkward enough that I think we'd get along well - plus she is smart, is a strong, realistic female character, and she can do magic!"

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