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INSIDE: Gaming as an artform

After completing Playdead's:Inside 

it is conclusive that Playdead's:Inside is an argument in favor of video-games being no only an art but a unique and engaging way of telling a story which suppress movies at this point.

If you have played their previous game Limbo you'll recognize some elements here and there however the story is a lot more engaging which says a lot considering how amazing Limbo was.I am desperately waiting for what other games they come up with as they are clearly broadening the beam in the art form know as video games.  

Playdead's:inside is an independent puzzle-platformed psychological thriller adventure video game developed and published by Playdead. available on Xbox one & on steam.

This is a Prime game. In a world where movies are looking all the same with boring stories and flat characters games like this are proof that there are still creators out there that are value unique story and are willing to try something different.

Gamers and non-gamers alike will be completely sucked in by its unique artistic style with its sudo-monochrome back grounds and its subtle use of light, a beautiful looking game.

The story follows you a young boy in a red shirt running through the forest being hunted or chased or trying to escape from somewhere, away from someone. For the player the story is left ambiguous which would leave you wanted to discuss with why,how,want and when with your friends.

A fresh mixture of platforming and puzzles with elements of stealth peppered throughout the game.They have a clever use of implementing puzzles that don't bang you over the head and distract you from the story, in addition to this they're not too simple either.This is they way puzzles in video games  should be done, the reason for having a puzzle shouldn't just be to open a door or to collected 10 random items for someone it should have something attached to it or it would end up feeling stale and repetitive. 

  • Controls are tight and simple with no distracting gimmicks that detach from the story.
  • Story is interesting and engaging even my cat sat and watched me play.
  • incredible art style 
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The BEST Life Is Strange FANART

Developer:Dontnod Entertainment

Publisher:Square Enix

Available on: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360

Life Is Strange is an beautifully written episodic interactive drama  video game developed by Dontnod Entertainment, and published by Square Enix.

Here's some fan art I found for this amazing game:

by SketchingSands

byKuvshinov Ilya

by goblinbladez

by emmav

by Sutexii

by Withoutafuss

by Myed89

by Drawmonsterdraw

by Shunkaku

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I XOX U - Official Music Video by Meri Amber

Here's some background information from
Meri Amber (the Sydney based Geek Pop singer and songwriter):-

The song was written after having a chat with a visual artist friend of mine who was incorporating emojis into the presentation of his art. We were being silly and brainstorming crazy ideas for songs when I blurted out 'I should write a song out of emojis'. He then, of course, dared me to do it and I took the dare on.

The song was written on my phone at the same time it was written in the notepad I tend to write songs in. It was a very different process to usual. I wanted to make sure that there was an actual story in the song and it wasn't just a random set of emojis. If you look through the lyrics or listen carefully you'll be able to make out the story and the desperation in which it's trying to be communicated.

The video was something quite conceptual which I saw as the main take-home message from the song. The fact that emojis are simply another means in which people are trying to get their message across and understood. For example a smiley face of a sad face at the end of a txt message can completely change it's meaning and can be used to help clarify things a little:

'How are you feeling?'
'Ok :)'

'How are you feeling?'
'Ok :('

But, the sad reality is that even with emojis, your message is not necessarily going to be clearly understood. There isn't a direct exchange between you and the other person (like face to face communication gives you). The message is a sort of midway thing that distorts what you're saying and the 'you' somewhat disappears in it. That's why in the video I fade out behind the messages as they appear and slowly fade to white throughout the song as my message gets more and more distorted in the reader's mind.

I'm going to be releasing more songs and videos soon that could be grouped with 'I XOX U' in an 'Emoji Love' set as I've been really happy with the response I'm getting from 'I XOX U'. The other songs are not going to be songs about emojis, but they will be songs focused on the difficulties of communication, misunderstandings that arise from it and finding a way to make sense of things when our mind interprets messages in a different way to how they were supposed to be read.
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Movie Trailer:Dead Rising:Watchtower

Why havent i heard of this before???

Dead Rising: Watchtower hits Crackle on March 27th,


Rob Riggle (22 Jump Street, Let’s Be Cops) as Frank West

Harley Morenstein (Tusk),

Keegan Connor Tracey (Once Upon a Time),

Aleks Paunovic (This Means War),

Dennis Haysbert (Sin City: A Dame to Kill For),

Virginia Madsen (Sideways),

Meghan Ory (Once Upon a Time),

Jesse Metcalfe (John Tucker Must Die).

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Beautiful Video Game Landscapes

When making a movie the landscape & location is a massive component which helps breathe life into a scene When a real life setting is chosen it is often at great expense to the production company, directors, producers and location managers go out of their way to pick the most beautiful or iconic settings possible, within their budget.

Like these locations from the hobbit

Whoever in a video game developers have a more rigorous task of creating a scene and a back drop that a character has to interact with, from scratch however with the tools at hand they have the chance to create worlds with endless possibilities that now with the ever growing graphics technology look so close tangible and real

There a lot of video games out there, that do not get the credit for like the scene from a Monier painting


Mirawa-Splinter Cell Blacklist

Asari Homeworld-Mass Effect

The rivers of Whiterun from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The floating city of Columbia from BioShock Infinite

The world of Stygia from Bulletstorm 

New Austin Red Dead Redemption

Arkham City-Batman Arkham Origins

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Kudos -The OFFICIAL Music Video - Meri Amber

This is the OFFICIAL music video for the hit Geekpop song Kudos by Meri Amber

You can find Meri around the internets at:

Grab The Song-
Meri Amber's Official Site-
Kudos Music Video by Meri Amber

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