Dave Slater with his monkey photo Mark Large/Daily Mail
“I can’t afford to own a car. There’s no camera equipment for her to inherit if I die tomorrow,” he said. “She should inherit this [copyright], but it’s worthless.”

 Because PETA have nothing better to do and they cant throw blood on people that wear fur any more Click here to see what I'm talking about,have been battling Britannia's own Dave Slater over a selfie 'taken' by a Macaque and by 'taken' I mean ole Dave Slater let the monkey play with the camera until he hit one of the buttons.

On September 22, 2015, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) filed a lawsuit against Slater in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California to request that the monkey, whom THEY named Naruto, be assigned copyright and only now it has been settled.The settlement has been confidential however the estimated course costs are £200,000 that was a report made by the Evening Standard

PETA said in a statement that Naruto “undeniably” took the picture and that the case showed the “need to extend fundamental rights to animals

Maybe its because I'm a Londoner but I think these guys are HUGE PRICKS!!!(DICKS!!!)

it would be different if this was about animal rights but

come on

if it was they wouldn't be going after a wild life photographer, they'd be focusing on important things:

zoo's having better faculties or bigger areas for the animals to graze,
supporting peoples vet fees(side note i have a pet and i know how expensive some fees can be),
teaching people how to train their Pit-bulls so they'll stop eating babies

The animal has no concept of money,copyright,photography,the fact that he was holding a camera,anything.

Its just a monkey doing its thing.

A quote from David Slater 

“I’m trying to become a tennis coach,” Slater said by phone on Wednesday from his home in Chepstow, Wales. “I’m even thinking about doing dog walking. I don’t make enough money to pay income tax.”

“Every photographer dreams of a photograph like this,” Slater said of the image of a primate grinning toothily into the lens. “If everybody gave me a pound for every time they used [the photograph], I’d probably have £40m in my pocket. The proceeds from these photographs should have me comfortable now, and I’m not.”

A settlement between Slater, Blurb, and PETA was reached on September 11, 2017, in which Slater will donate 25% of any future revenues from the monkey selfies to charities 

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