REVIEW:Justice Woman The Web-series

This a serialise Super-hero parody, in the vein of those classic shows from the 90's like The Tick or The New Adventures of Superman

Currently on its 4 season

In 'Justice Woman' we follow our HERO Sofía Escala a mild mannered Assistant District Attorney, who is determined to fight crime within the legal system with her kooky best friend/sidekick Robert Gallion.

Now when it comes to web-series I'm usually like MEH...however thanks to things like Patreon or other funding website, web-series are no longer cheap cardboard messes but can amass a vast crew and even the odd Hollywood actor can make an apperence here and there and actually be watchable and can be GOOD even GREAT but they are few and far between.

Here are some examples:

So when I was given 'Justice Woman' to write about I immediately thought DELETE.

But I gave it a shot and watched a bunch of episodes.

Almost but just not there yet....'Justice Woman' is OK but just needs a little polish here and there and this could be a great web-series. The first thing you would notice but not realise till about episode 2 or 3 of the first season is the framing of the show

Now let me explain what I mean

you've got your different types of shots...well there's a lot more but these are just the basics

you've got your:

(very wide shot) you know epic, vast , showing you the cool landscape

(Wide Shot) 


(Medium Close Up)

(Close Up)

Now with 'Justice Woman' seems like its all filmed in a Medium Close up with the odd Mid-Shot which hurts the scenes and makes everything around them feel either too close together,Cramped or boxed in. It also hurts the sets that they use, which again gives the image of everything boxed in, as if characters are squeezing between chairs in office or restaurant scenes.

The acting is ok from a comedic standard nothing good or bad its like your average sitcom the more I watch it the more it reminds me of those super hero 90's shows like......LOS LUCHADORES! oh my god have you ever seen this show I remember it as a was such a weird and random show... now here's the brief 'story' Mexican wrestler superhero's. THATS IT......I remember it being so good but I know it has to be bad I mean look at the theme song

but anyways..yeah 'Justice Woman' good show? I'm not sure its ok? just ok really but I could totally see this being on TV in the 90's definitely.

With the standards of online web-shows this feels a tad old...well not old but kinda...outdated. With a few tweaks here and there this could be a great show, there's a lot of funny ideas here but it doesn't stick the landing.

I'm no director in just a nerd who watches everything:web-series,movies, TV shows, podcasts.

I'm that "OMG YOU HAVENT SEEN THAT (obscure movie/tv-show) YOU HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT" guy.... BUT...what I would do is add some variety shots instead of close ups it would help A LOT just sayin, experiment with lighting.

Nothing says amateur like an under lit shot and these days with HD, 4K quality videos bad lighting really shows.

oh yeah and the sound mixing isn't great.

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