Ultima creator selling Blood on Ebay "Lord British"

UPDATE 10th JULY: The blood has been pulled from eBay.

The Lord British Blood Reliquary Bundle


selling blood is against eBay rules under the 'Human remains and body parts policy',


Lord British, whose full name is Lord Cantabrigians Britishis the ruler of Britannia, a kingdom in the fictional world of Sosaria, created by Richard Garriott for his video-game series Ultima.

Garrett himself is also known to his fans as Lord British in the pic below.

The 5 blood vials have not disappeared. They are now for sale on the Shroud of the Avatar store 3 have been sold so far two contained Richard 'Lord British' Garriot's blood and one contained executive producer Starr 'Darkstarr' Long's blood...and again GROSS!!!

This is the Ebay listing

  • "The Lord British Blood Reliquary is a beautiful and unique piece of art made of bakelite, copper, nails, glass, and mirrored glass that can be hung on your wall," the eBay listing reads 

The minimum price is $6000. Two were sold for $6000 with one going for $8000 10 per cent of the sale went to charity.

Its not just the vials of blood you get that would be crazy they're also throwing in a studio tour and exclusive in-game loot a property deed to a castle in a player-owned town as well as exclusive blood fountains, decorations, pets, emotes, cloaks - even the brilliant option to have the water in your player-owned town turn blood red.

There's a heap more stuff in the Lord British Blood Reliquary Bundle besides.

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