LOOKS LIKE MARTY MCFLY GOT AN UPGRADE...You have to admit they look pretty cool..high tech innovation from  French–based company Digitsole.Using a crowd funding site Digitsole has raised $50,000 USD Kickstarter goal, and with that hefty bag of money they have created the most high tech,smart shoe ever.

Whats a SMART SHOE? you ask so let me break it down for you kids. Now this is a straight quote from their kickstarter

Leveraging Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, Digitsole collects precisely accurate activity data through integrated hardware that is sent to your iOS or Android smartphone app for analysis.  

  • THE ENGINE - Located at the back of the shoe, the engine allows the auto-tightening system to function. 
  • TRACKING SYSTEM - By using the latest generation tracking system, we can collect data more accurately than any other wearable. 
  • MOVEMENT SENSORS - To get a complete analysis of your stride, movement sensors detect impact force, fatigue, posture, step size, and more. 
  • ALGORITHMS - By working alongside podiatrists, we've created algorithms that use your data to give a full report on your walking habits. 
  • HEATING - A heat-pad transforms energy from the battery into heat and can be controlled through our app. 
  • THE APP - Simply connect your smartphone and Smartshoe using Bluetooth control all feature via the Digitsole app.


There's no price yet but they looking to drop these buy Digisole are planning on launching these at the end of the year and another bonus is that each shoe incorporates an individually rechargeable long-life lithium polymer battery – with an expected battery life of between five hours (heat on) and eight weeks (heat off) which is pretty good, since that was my first thought.

The only problem i have is the Smartshoe logo on the toe...that just kills the design kinda makes it look kinda kids shoes or those shoes that have the wheels on the heels... i cant remember what their called you know what i mean heelys or something if that wasn't there id be all in since they look like what I already wear now.

They like Tony Stark Jordans

Click HERE to have a look at the kick starter 

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