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Exclusive interview with Alt-Rock Band RED SKYE

My Interview with RED SKYE
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Where are you guys from? 
Foggy London town!
What drew you guys towards this genre? 
With all of our individual tastes, we feel we met in the middle and our genre naturally became alt-rock 
How long have you been making music together? 
We've been making music since late 2013. 
Who are your influences? 
Our main influences would be Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Black Stone Cherry and Led Zeppelin
Top artists you are fans of? 
Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park, Letlive, Crobot and Foo Fighters 
There seems to be a slow resurgence of great alt rock bands coming out in the last couple years. What do you think brought this on? 
There are more genres and sounds being heard as more and more unsigned artists are making music at home and sharing their work online. People grow to be more open to new music, such as alt-rock
 What is the future of Red Skye?
We're looking to do more gigs and try to get some radio airplay to get our music out there! We're also busy writing new material for an album release 
What do you guys do for fun? 
Apart from gigging we're really into our board/video games and watching movies
What band would you guys compare yourselves to? 
We don't really to compare ourselves to anyone else as we're open to different styles of music and ideas, we don't tend to think about comparison

Where can we find your work?
You can find all our upcoming gigs via our Facebook page and you can also download and listen to our EP on all major streaming platforms or download for free (or Pay what you want) the EP via our Bandcamp
What project are you most proud of? 
Recording and releasing our 2016 EP - George Q 
What do you guys think is missing currently in the alt rock genre? 
A lot of mainstream music that gets labelled as alt rock can be too poppy and a lot of computerisation used. What's missing is more real rock with a more organic feel.
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