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My Interview with Patrick "Tony Stark" Priebe

-As the Tony Stark of the interwebs what go you into electronics?

"Always loved lasers and SciFi weapons. Seeing wasnt enough I guess."

-Have any ideas for your future projects?

"I do this for ^^"

-What do you do to relax? 

"Fitness, cardion, weights and roller/ice-hockey plus video games (FP shooters mainly)-"

-The tag line on your youtube page is Heavy Metal and Laser Weapons whats your top five heavy metal bands?

"Pantera and Down on top, LOTS of other rock bands will follow"

-Who is your favourite superhero?

"Iron Man...because he changed his life completely...and he did it all by himself."

-What has been your favourite project to work on?

"Always the next "big thing" :)"

-What is your dream project to work on if you had infinite money? 

"I dont know."

-Where can we see your projects(facebook url,youtube url etc)

"Right here on utube and on my"

-Have you got into any trouble making or using your projects? 

"Not yet."

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