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Chantelle D'Souza 
I was fortunate to get an interview with an artist with multiple hands,
she can adjust to many forms of art from the careful and fastidious tasks as an illustrator she is the talented,
pulchritudinous illustrator, artist and photographer

how long have you been into art?

"I have always been interested in art from when I was little really. I would watch Art Attack religiously and tried to find ‘everyday items’ around the house to make my own Art Attack. I still get excited when it is time to by new stationary. I’m like a kid in a candy shop!"

what do you do in your spare time? 

"I spend a lot of time drawin in my sketchbook, catching up on my programs and spending time with friends and family."

when are you completely satisfied with your work?

"I don’t think I can be completely satisfied with my work. I think work can always be altered, whether it is adding more or less to the project. However when I feel like my work is at a satisfactory level I post it on my blog."

what's the magic formula for success?

"GOALS: I would say setting a goal for your self would be the first part of success. You need to believe in your goal and your idea before considering anything else. PASSION: You need to be passionate on what you are doing; without this would it really be worth it? ACTION: Always keep moving forward towards your goals. Every little bit of effort you make can make a big difference to the future."

DANCE! DANCE! DANCE FOR YOUR CHEESE! Late night Doodle. #doodle #illustration #creature #cheese #ink

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what is your dream project?

"I would someday love to own my own company and to own a gallery/café. This would be to exhibit up coming artists and to give them the chance that every passionate artist needs."

Unfinished #tiger #illustration

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what role does the artist have in society?

"I believe an artist’s role in society is to visually create a feeling or to express emotion without using words or sound. I feel it is really up to the personality of the artists themselves. The different types of artists in the world can affect society depending on their own work."

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My Interview with Meri Amber

The talented,Australian sensation,Geekpop extraordinaire and all round awesome gal

Who Are You And What Do You Do?
"My name is Meri Amber and I write songs and sing them. I also create comics, spend too much time on the internet, eat a lot of ice-cream and have a thing for covering stuff in stickers."
What Type Of Genre Would You Call Your Music?
"I call my music Geek Pop. It's a combination of structured pop songs with hooks and catchy melodies, with lyrics and sonic embellishments that reflect popular culture and try and make a statement about the oddities of life and society."
What Are You Listening To Lately?
"I tend to jump on whatever has just been released to listen to as it's new and exciting, most frequently it's in the pop music realm. I have a thing for playing symphony arrangements of computer game songs as well (trust me they're amazing!). And I've also recently discovered Kirby Krackle and The Doubleclicks who were introduced to me as they were other geeky musicians, I've been giving them a good spin too."
Is There A Difference Between A Geek, Nerd And Gamer?
"Well of course there is! Not to say that they don't cross over. It's all a matter of opinion as well of course, but for me they're distinct categories. A gamer is someone who plays a lot of computer games and will likely beat me at most of them. A nerd tends to put learning about their particular interests above all else, including playing games... Unless that's their particular interest of course. A geek, on the other hand, is someone that stands up for their interests regardless of society's opinion of it or of them, and is the more social of the lot."
What's The First Song You Ever Remember Hearing?
"Say you will, say you won't, say you'll do what I don't,
Say it's true, say to me, Say c'est la vie'
-Ingenious lyrics by my favourite childhood band B*Witched, likely to be heard pumping through my boom-box at any hour of the day when I was 5."
What Song Of Yours Are You Most Proud Of And Why?
"Probably 'Sum Of Us'. That was a very difficult song to write as it was making a rather complicated and emotionally sensitive point. It's on the new EP and I really can't wait to hear what the reaction to it will be."
When Are You Completely Satisfied With Your Work?
"I'm never completely satisfied with anything as it's a constant learning, evolving and developing process. Though I am extremely proud of what I do because I know I put my all into it."
What's Next For You?
"I recently returned from a trip to Europe where I did some recording. So, once the EP is out, my next big project will be to get those songs out. They're close to being complete and I am loving what they sound like- I can't wait to show them off!"
Where Can We Find You?
Likely in Starbucks... But also highly likely on the internet in Starbucks at:
My Website-
Twitter- @meriamber
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My Interview with musicial duo The DoubleClicks

There are many musicial acts on the interweb but none as unique or talented as the nerd folk duo The DoubleClicks

Where are you two from?

"We live in beautiful Portland, Oregon - a wonderful city for geekery and art. We spend a lot of time in Seattle as well - and we're often touring and on the road."

How did you two meet each other & how long have you been making music together?

"Aubrey and I met at a hospital. Crazy story, really… we're sisters. Ok, so that's not so crazy. We've been making music together for most of our lives, but we didn't start songwriting and playing together on our own until 2009. We started writing our own music, combining my strange humorous poetry with Aubrey's musical mind and cello playing. We played our songs at songwriter open mic nights in Portland, and then, through Twitter and YouTube, met up with awesome musicians with big nerdy audiences. The Doubleclicks was officially formed in the very beginning of 2011. And the rest, as they say - is history, heavily documented on the Internet."

What genre of music are you into? anything specific band/artist you've been into these days.

"We like lots of types of music: we listened to a lot of bluegrass and rock growing up. Our favorite music in high school came from They Might Be Giants and Tom Lehrer. We obviously love Jonathan Coulton, and Marian Call and Molly Lewis are brilliant songwriters and incredible inspirations. The song "A Little Bit of Everything" by Dawes has also been impressing us incredibly of late. The types of songs that impress us tell interesting stories and clever lyrical choices."

What songs are you most proud of and why?

"It's hard to choose between our own songs! We are always fond of the newest songs, because we feel like we keep getting better at what we do—there are several on upcoming album we're very excited about. A couple good "intro" songs for people who are new to our band are Clever Girl/"Hollywood Raptor"( and Oh, Mr. Darcy ("

What do you do to relax when you're not writing of performing?

"We both love gaming, both in board games and in tabletop RPGs. Aubrey has been playing lots of Shadowrun recently, and we also are loving Smash Up and Lords of Waterdeep in the board game world. Like most people these days, we also like watching lots of things on Netflix, and hanging around outside during Portland's few days of sunshine."

When & where are you performing next?

We are launching our summer tour at the end of May, and we'll be driving all around the country. We'll be starting at Denver Comic-Con, and heading to the south, East Coast, and Midwest.Anyone interested can find more information at

Seven albums and you're on tour whats next for The Doubleclicks?

"We actually only have 2 real "albums," though we have several EPs, and a lot of music from songwriting challenges. In 2011, we posted one new song every week for 6 months, and in 2012 we posted new songs monthly as part of Fred's Song Fu 2012 challenge.As for what's next, we've just finished recording on our next album, which will be released in July. Unlike our previous albums, this one will include a full band - including drums and electric guitar! We're very excited about the new directions we're taking. We had a lot of fun writing and arranging the music."

What fictional character would you wanna with hangout at a bar?

"Willow, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She's awkward enough that I think we'd get along well - plus she is smart, is a strong, realistic female character, and she can do magic!"

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Wreck The System-Nerdcore with a Hip-hop groove

If you're a hip-hop fan and looking for something different instead of the mundane materialist vibe most hip-hop artist are churning out check out 


The taking the Nerdcore genre to new places you haven't seen before.They mix the classic Nerdcore motifs with old and new school hip-hop beats.Wreck The System are a coalition of different artists with the main features being:

Lady J


DJ Mutiny

Osiris Green

Twill Distilled

The artists have performed at MAGfest and are constantly on the move.Follow them subscribe to them these guys you'll be hearing more from really soon as they take over the internet with their new style of hip-hop.

Do The Roar - Osiris Green ft. Mega Ran, Twill Distilled, LadyJ (Official Video)

Their talents doesn't end with just hip hop they are also in the realm of music production with WRECK THE SYSTEM RECORDINGS offering services like recording mixing and mastering with high end equipment.I managed to get an interview with these guys.

  • Where are you guys from?

"Washington, DC Area"

  • What drew you guys towards this genre?

Twill - All the hot cosplay bitches, YTCracker, and hacker music.
LadyJ - The Crossover appeal of the culture that can be shared with the entire world
Cam3 - The fact that it is music about me.
DJ Mutiny - LadyJ
* Osiris Green - The creativity and limitless potential of the art. 

  • How long have you been making music together?

"9 Months or 3 trimesters, we just about to pop!"

  • Who are your influences?

"The Millionaires, Eminem, The Alchemist, Tech N9ne, Boyz Noise"

  • Top artists you are fans of?

"Ludacris, Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, Die Antwoord, Outkast"

  • What is the future of Wreck The System?

"What we do every night Pinky, try to take over the WORLD!"

  • What do you guys do for fun?

"Drink, Video Games, make music, headshots, cooking, IRC, and imitating each other sarcastically."

  • There seems to be a divide in the hip-hop community on the current state of modern hiphop some say its sounds stale,generic on the other hand there are a lot more new artists and groups on the up and up and breaking into the mainstream more than ever what do you guys think?

"Mainstream hip-hop has become stagnant in it’s creativity, which on a positive note has forced people to look outside of the regular outlets to find talented artists that have genuine skills Thus beginning to bring these individuals to the forefront, which will eventually help hip-hop to progress in better direction."

  • What project are you most proud of?

TOKENS(Featured Below)

  • Where can we find your work? (facebook,twitter,etc)

"Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud, Itunes, Youtube"

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My Interview with Musician Lara6683

One of my favourite musicians on the internet

Lara also known as

Lara6683 on YouTube

How long have you been playing the piano/violin? 

"I've been playing piano since I was 6 and violin since I was 9"

Whats the magic formula for success as musician?

"That's a tough one. You have to find intrinsic joy in music. It's not about 'success'. Music is a way of life; even if I wasn't 'successful', I'd still be doing it!"

What piece that you have played are you most proud of?

"Probably classical pieces that I don't actually post on my channel! Conquering the score to the Opera 'Hansel and Gretel' was tough!"

What video games are you playing right now?

 "I am replaying Secret of Mana"

Who is your biggest musical influence?

"I don't have just one...I love so many game composers and classical composers! Musical is ultimately about personal expression."

If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would say to them?

"Hmmmm interesting.....I don't really 'idolise' anyone. Perhaps Caesar, Nietzsche, or one of the gods of composition. Either that or some friends I have lost...just to catch up with them :)"

What projects are you working on at the moment?

I have just released my CD with Taylor! Our videogame CD is digitally available right now on iTunes and google play!!

CD is now available in Taylor's store:
And amazon:

If you prefer a physical copy, you can order from CD Baby, though this will take a couple of weeks longer :)

Here's a link to Taylor's website where you can check out other CDs, and buy this one:

Where can we find you do you have a Facebook,Youtube etc?

Well, you can just provide a link to my facebook and youtube, but here they are.

My facebook:

My twitter:

My youtube:

As for the photos and the video, I think you will need to choose whichever ones best suit your piece. You can take photos from my facebook page.

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My Interview with Patrick "Tony Stark" Priebe

-As the Tony Stark of the interwebs what go you into electronics?

"Always loved lasers and SciFi weapons. Seeing wasnt enough I guess."

-Have any ideas for your future projects?

"I do this for ^^"

-What do you do to relax? 

"Fitness, cardion, weights and roller/ice-hockey plus video games (FP shooters mainly)-"

-The tag line on your youtube page is Heavy Metal and Laser Weapons whats your top five heavy metal bands?

"Pantera and Down on top, LOTS of other rock bands will follow"

-Who is your favourite superhero?

"Iron Man...because he changed his life completely...and he did it all by himself."

-What has been your favourite project to work on?

"Always the next "big thing" :)"

-What is your dream project to work on if you had infinite money? 

"I dont know."

-Where can we see your projects(facebook url,youtube url etc)

"Right here on utube and on my"

-Have you got into any trouble making or using your projects? 

"Not yet."

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Exclusive interview with Alt-Rock Band RED SKYE

My Interview with RED SKYE
Follow each memeber and show them some love 
Where are you guys from? 
Foggy London town!
What drew you guys towards this genre? 
With all of our individual tastes, we feel we met in the middle and our genre naturally became alt-rock 
How long have you been making music together? 
We've been making music since late 2013. 
Who are your influences? 
Our main influences would be Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Black Stone Cherry and Led Zeppelin
Top artists you are fans of? 
Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park, Letlive, Crobot and Foo Fighters 
There seems to be a slow resurgence of great alt rock bands coming out in the last couple years. What do you think brought this on? 
There are more genres and sounds being heard as more and more unsigned artists are making music at home and sharing their work online. People grow to be more open to new music, such as alt-rock
 What is the future of Red Skye?
We're looking to do more gigs and try to get some radio airplay to get our music out there! We're also busy writing new material for an album release 
What do you guys do for fun? 
Apart from gigging we're really into our board/video games and watching movies
What band would you guys compare yourselves to? 
We don't really to compare ourselves to anyone else as we're open to different styles of music and ideas, we don't tend to think about comparison

Where can we find your work?
You can find all our upcoming gigs via our Facebook page and you can also download and listen to our EP on all major streaming platforms or download for free (or Pay what you want) the EP via our Bandcamp
What project are you most proud of? 
Recording and releasing our 2016 EP - George Q 
What do you guys think is missing currently in the alt rock genre? 
A lot of mainstream music that gets labelled as alt rock can be too poppy and a lot of computerisation used. What's missing is more real rock with a more organic feel.
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My Interview with Actress BrizzyVoices

My interview with Actress BrizzyVoices

Your most famous video on youtube has 7,840,651 and if each person was a Skittle all together they would weigh 19601.95722428lb.
How has this Youtube fame affected you? Have you been recognised on the street or been offered any voice acting gigs?

"THAT IS THE BEST STATISTIC OF THAT VIEWCOUNT I HAVE EVER HEARD AND YOU JUST MADE MY DAY BY TELLING ME THIS. I don't think I ever considered it "fame" until you told me it was nearly 10 tons worth of Skittles. Holy crackerjacks.
But um, okay, okay, pulling myself together. I've been recognized at quidditch tournaments, but I've never been recognized by a super-random-stranger on the street or anything. And yeah I've gotten many voice acting gigs thanks to it!!"

Is there pressure to make bigger and better youtube videos?

"Yes and no. I feel like the Pokemon video was such a HUGE boom that no one expects me to top that, so there's really not much pressure. There's pressure to keep it good and interesting though."

What made you want to pursued a voice acting career?

"I've always been into acting, and when I first tried voice acting a little more than a year ago, I realized it was just like film acting but super way more freeing because I don't have to worry about my face or my physicality or even memorizing lines... it's da best."

As a popular Youtube creator is it true that its harder being a female on youtube?

"Naaah. I mean most people would probably say yes, but I've got pretty thick skin. The stupid sexual comments don't get to me. I'm pretty well aware that the internet will be the internet and I shouldn't take anything too personally."

What projects have you been working on?

"An iPad story app called Hullabalu (, a short film called Pixey (, and a short film called I Am Nightmare (no website yet). All should be out sometime this year and all are voice over. And a couple other projects here and there, but those are the biggest ones!"

Being a child of the 90's, the golden age of music in animation whats your favourite show from the 90's?

"Rugrats is definitely a big contender. Watched that show eeevery morning eating my cereal before school at my little plastic picnic table in my room."

What do you do in your spare time?

"Well I just became OBSESSED with this free iPhone app called Map Of The Dead, it's a zombie survival game that uses GPS and ugh it's so addicting. But as for more in general: I love quidditch, swing dancing, chilling with friends, watching movies and tv, travelling, and video games."

What is the dream project that you'd want to work on?

"For voice acting, probably something like Fairly Odd Parents as a regular, or a Disney or Pixar film. For screen acting, something epic like Harry Potter or the Hunger Games is the sorta stuff I'd killlll to be cast in."

I see that you play Quidditch which is a sport from the Harry Potter universe but how do you play it?

"Intensely! It's a full contact, co-ed sport played running on the ground holding, yes, brooms between our legs. Chasers pass the quaffle (a volleyball) and attempt to score them through one of 3 hoop goals (10 points each). Keepers defend the hoops or try to score themselves. Beaters (that's me!) throw bludgers (dodgeballs) at people. If you get hit, you have to go back to your hoops and start again. The snitch is a person (not on either team) who has a tennis ball in a sock hanging out the back of his shorts-- the seeker who catches it earns 30 points (NOT 150 like the HP version) and ends the game.

It's a really intense and athletically-demanding sport. When played the right way, players run fast and hit hard. I, uh, actually just broke my collarbone while playing at the Quidditch World Cup. Got tackled from behind and thrown to the ground, so... yeah."

How long have you been playing?

"About 2 and a half years."

What do you do to maintain your fitness when your not playing?

"Hit up the gym or the pool. It's always quidditch season, though.
And last but not least Favourite Pokemon? UGH, SO DIFFICULT.Articuno and the Eeveelutions. And Suicune. I can't decide."

Where can we find you online?

Twitter: @brizzyvoices
Instagram: @ananamango
That about sums it up.

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