My interview with Actress BrizzyVoices

My interview with Actress BrizzyVoices


Your most famous video on youtube has 7,840,651 and if each person was a Skittle all together they would weigh 19601.95722428lb.

How has this Youtube fame affected you? Have you been recognised on the street or been offered any voice acting gigs?

"THAT IS THE BEST STATISTIC OF THAT VIEWCOUNT I HAVE EVER HEARD AND YOU JUST MADE MY DAY BY TELLING ME THIS. I don't think I ever considered it "fame" until you told me it was nearly 10 tons worth of Skittles. Holy crackerjacks.
But um, okay, okay, pulling myself together. I've been recognized at quidditch tournaments, but I've never been recognized by a super-random-stranger on the street or anything. And yeah I've gotten many voice acting gigs thanks to it!!"

Is there pressure to make bigger and better youtube videos?

"Yes and no. I feel like the Pokemon video was such a HUGE boom that no one expects me to top that, so there's really not much pressure. There's pressure to keep it good and interesting though."

What made you want to pursued a voice acting career?

"I've always been into acting, and when I first tried voice acting a little more than a year ago, I realized it was just like film acting but super way more freeing because I don't have to worry about my face or my physicality or even memorizing lines... it's da best."

As a popular Youtube creator is it true that its harder being a female on youtube?

"Naaah. I mean most people would probably say yes, but I've got pretty thick skin. The stupid sexual comments don't get to me. I'm pretty well aware that the internet will be the internet and I shouldn't take anything too personally."

What projects have you been working on?

"An iPad story app called Hullabalu (, a short film called Pixey (, and a short film called I Am Nightmare (no website yet). All should be out sometime this year and all are voice over. And a couple other projects here and there, but those are the biggest ones!"

Being a child of the 90's, the golden age of music in animation whats your favourite show from the 90's?

"Rugrats is definitely a big contender. Watched that show eeevery morning eating my cereal before school at my little plastic picnic table in my room."

What do you do in your spare time?

"Well I just became OBSESSED with this free iPhone app called Map Of The Dead, it's a zombie survival game that uses GPS and ugh it's so addicting. But as for more in general: I love quidditch, swing dancing, chilling with friends, watching movies and tv, travelling, and video games."

What is the dream project that you'd want to work on?

"For voice acting, probably something like Fairly Odd Parents as a regular, or a Disney or Pixar film. For screen acting, something epic like Harry Potter or the Hunger Games is the sorta stuff I'd killlll to be cast in."


I see that you play Quidditch which is a sport from the Harry Potter universe but how do you play it?

"Intensely! It's a full contact, co-ed sport played running on the ground holding, yes, brooms between our legs. Chasers pass the quaffle (a volleyball) and attempt to score them through one of 3 hoop goals (10 points each). Keepers defend the hoops or try to score themselves. Beaters (that's me!) throw bludgers (dodgeballs) at people. If you get hit, you have to go back to your hoops and start again. The snitch is a person (not on either team) who has a tennis ball in a sock hanging out the back of his shorts-- the seeker who catches it earns 30 points (NOT 150 like the HP version) and ends the game.

It's a really intense and athletically-demanding sport. When played the right way, players run fast and hit hard. I, uh, actually just broke my collarbone while playing at the Quidditch World Cup. Got tackled from behind and thrown to the ground, so... yeah."

How long have you been playing?

"About 2 and a half years."


What do you do to maintain your fitness when your not playing?

"Hit up the gym or the pool. It's always quidditch season, though.
And last but not least Favourite Pokemon? UGH, SO DIFFICULT.Articuno and the Eeveelutions. And Suicune. I can't decide."

Where can we find you online?

Twitter: @brizzyvoices
Instagram: @ananamango
That about sums it up.

Louis Agard