My Interview with Meri Amber

The talented,Australian sensation,Geekpop extraordinaire and all round awesome gal

This is the first music video for my Super EP! The genre of the track is geek pop/ nerd pop and travels through rocky sections, electronic sections and many different flavours in it's course.

Who Are You And What Do You Do?

"My name is Meri Amber and I write songs and sing them. I also create comics, spend too much time on the internet, eat a lot of ice-cream and have a thing for covering stuff in stickers."

What Type Of Genre Would You Call Your Music?

"I call my music Geek Pop. It's a combination of structured pop songs with hooks and catchy melodies, with lyrics and sonic embellishments that reflect popular culture and try and make a statement about the oddities of life and society."

What Are You Listening To Lately?

"I tend to jump on whatever has just been released to listen to as it's new and exciting, most frequently it's in the pop music realm. I have a thing for playing symphony arrangements of computer game songs as well (trust me they're amazing!). And I've also recently discovered Kirby Krackle and The Doubleclicks who were introduced to me as they were other geeky musicians, I've been giving them a good spin too."

Is There A Difference Between A Geek, Nerd And Gamer?

"Well of course there is! Not to say that they don't cross over. It's all a matter of opinion as well of course, but for me they're distinct categories. A gamer is someone who plays a lot of computer games and will likely beat me at most of them. A nerd tends to put learning about their particular interests above all else, including playing games... Unless that's their particular interest of course. A geek, on the other hand, is someone that stands up for their interests regardless of society's opinion of it or of them, and is the more social of the lot."

What's The First Song You Ever Remember Hearing?

"Say you will, say you won't, say you'll do what I don't,

Say it's true, say to me, Say c'est la vie'

-Ingenious lyrics by my favourite childhood band B*Witched, likely to be heard pumping through my boom-box at any hour of the day when I was 5."

What Song Of Yours Are You Most Proud Of And Why?

"Probably 'Sum Of Us'. That was a very difficult song to write as it was making a rather complicated and emotionally sensitive point. It's on the new EP and I really can't wait to hear what the reaction to it will be."

When Are You Completely Satisfied With Your Work?

"I'm never completely satisfied with anything as it's a constant learning, evolving and developing process. Though I am extremely proud of what I do because I know I put my all into it."

What's Next For You?

"I recently returned from a trip to Europe where I did some recording. So, once the EP is out, my next big project will be to get those songs out. They're close to being complete and I am loving what they sound like- I can't wait to show them off!"

Where Can We Find You?

Likely in Starbucks... But also highly likely on the internet in Starbucks at:

My Website-



Twitter- @meriamber


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